Maria VazquezOur guest for this week’s episode of the podcast is Maria (or Marioly) Vazquez.

We came to hear of Maria via another guest of ours, Scott Kelby, who mentioned her during his interview. We were talking about style in photography and not even knowing her, Scott brought up Maria’s Instagram (@cestmaria) as a perfect example of a photographer who has developed a distinctive style. Not too bad when one of the world’s top photographers and educators gushes about your work!

Maria’s style is not just about photographing one type of subject and post-processing it a certain way, it’s about a very distinct color palette that crosses any number of photographic genres, from food to architecture, and selfies to fashion, and beyond.

Maria is the creative mind behind Maria Marie. She’s a photographer and stylist from Monterrey, Mexico, currently living in London, and her main interest is photographing and styling interiors, still life, food and lifestyle. Her work is known for its unique use of color and whimsical styling. Textures, patterns and playful elements are used consistently in her work. Maria is known throughout Mexico for her collaborations with creatives in many different fields, and from her numerous exhibitions, and she’s worked with a variety of A-list clients and a number of advertising agencies.

Maria recently published her new book “Pastel Moods,” which will only be available in hardcopy.

Duration: 45mm 00s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


TTIM 143 – Maria Vazquez and Pastel Moods
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