Ugo CeiHi, I am Ugo Cei and I am the founder of the Traveling Image Makers Podcast. That is me, on the left.

I have always been an enthusiastic traveler and photographer and I started this podcast so that I could converse with other travel photographers and bring to you their stories and their suggestions.

You know, travel photography is all about the people, the food, the architecture, and the culture that make each place a special one. It mixes elements of landscape photography, portraiture and reportage and aims to combine all of these and paint a compelling picture of what it’s like to live in a foreign country.

If you want to know more about me, you can head out to my website, which is the hub of all my activities.

Ralph Velasco

This is Ralph Velasco, my co-host on the show.

Travel photography instructor, author and international guide, Ralph has organized and led a variety of cultural tours around the world, including to Egypt, Mexico’s Copper Canyon, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Iceland, Central Europe, Morocco, Vietnam, the Adriatic, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Death Valley, Chicago and San Francisco and others. Additionally, as of this writing he’s organized and led more than a dozen fully-licensed People-to-People programs to Cuba.

Every week we will be interviewing a photographer or we will be hosting a roundtable discussion on all aspects of travel photography: from planning to scouting locations, from security and the economics of traveling, to how we can travel responsibly and sustainably, with tips about the best equipment, how to interact with people and how to pack light and efficiently.

We will share the inspiring work of masters and amateurs and discover what compels them to travel many hours and cross many borders to get the shots.

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