DJI Mavic ProDrones (a.k.a. UAVs or quadcopters) are all the rage now, despite many governments’ attempts to stifle their expansion (or to ensure safety, if you prefer).

Ugo recently decided to jump on the bandwagon and got himself a DJI Mavic Pro, which he started using to take stills and videos.

He sat down with Ralph to chat about his new toy and about what new opportunities it opens up for photographers. Here are some of the topics they discussed:

  • Reasons for getting a drone for photography.
  • How to ensure optimal image quality.
  • Practicalities of traveling with a drone and flying it in foreign countries.
  • Resources for learning how to fly and how to shoot.
  • Issues of etiquette in the skies.

Are you ready to fly?

Duration 45m 16s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Photos Taken with the Mavic

TTIM 73 – Drone Photography Special

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