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Black and white landscape photography has a long and honorable tradition and, in a sense, it is the purest form of depiction of natural landscapes, where everything is reduced to its basic shape, where the interplay of light and shadow and textures dictate the rules of composition and the viewer’s eye cannot be distracted by attractive colors.

The lineage of black and white landscape photography runs from Ansel Adams, who was maybe the first to elevate it to a true art form, to nowadays’ digital photographers, who exploit the digital darkroom to carefully convert images that are naturally born in color, to monochrome.

Andrew S. Gibson is a writer, publisher, traveller and photographer. He started writing articles about photography while travelling in Bolivia, and has been published in several prestigious photography magazines including EOS magazine, where he worked as a Writer and Technical Editor for two years.

He recently published an ebook, titled The Black and White Landscape, that is all about rediscovering this hallowed art form and about getting the best monochrome images from today’s DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. We interviewed Andrew to ask him about his book and his photography.

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Duration 37m 28s.

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Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Photos by Andrew





Cetárea, Rinlo. The ruins of a building built by the sea to trap shellfish.
Cetárea, Rinlo. The ruins of a building built by the sea to trap shellfish.
Rock formations at Oliencu Cove, Asturias, Spain. Acantilados en ensenada de Oliencu, Asturias, España.
Rock formations at Oliencu Cove, Asturias, Spain.


TTIM 53 – Black And White Landscapes with Andrew S. Gibson
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