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Clint Burkinshaw, a Travel Photographer from South Australia, grew up spending most of his time engrossed in sport and the beach. That was until he started looking elsewhere to expand his mind further from the life that he knew and was content with, and turned to a map of the world. He was not a hundred percent sure yet of what he was to get from it, but in 2005 he tested the waters by taking off for several months and headed towards Europe where he hit the road and backpacked through well over a dozen countries before returning home. Little did he know, this was just the tip of the iceberg and just a taste of what was in store for him.

In the following years, Clint spent many months on the road, visiting South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe numerous times. The year 2016 sees him and his wife cycling across Europe one more time, from St. Petersburg to the Baltics, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland and France.

I have been following this trip for a while, waiting for Clint to settle down for a few days and to get an opportunity to interview him. This finally happened when he was taking a few days’ rest in Zakopane, Poland, and this episode is the outcome of that conversation. If you want to learn what pushes Clint to travel, have a listen!

Duration 33m 39s.

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Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Photos From Clint’s Trip Across Europe

Kraków, Poland
Kraków, Poland
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia


Morskie Oko, Tatra Mountains
Morskie Oko, Tatra Mountains



TTIM 31 – Cycling Across Europe with Clint Burkinshaw
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