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In recent years, I’ve taken the habit of going to Venice at least once a year for the Carnevale, a great festival where people dress up with fancy and elaborate costumes for two weeks. It’s just one big feast for photographers, especially considering those people will pose for you for free. Naturally, it tends to attract lots of photographers, many of them from abroad.

This year, I went to Venice with the aim of meeting up with and interviewing a few of those photographers and this is exactly what I did. One of them is my good friend, popular photographer and traveler extraordinaire Trey Ratcliff.

Besides being a great artist, Trey is just a nice warm-hearted person, who has some very interesting insights on travel, life, the universe, and everything. Let me just say that this interview was not just about cameras and places, even though we did talk quite a bit about the countries he visited on his way to Italy. You will just have to listen to it to know what I mean.

Since we were doing this interview face-to-face and not remotely over Skype, as I usually do, I also took the chance to put my DJI Osmo to good use. It’s such a great tool, so well suited for this kind of situations. You can watch the resulting video below the fold.

Duration 14m 50s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Some Photos of Venice by Trey

from Trey Ratcliff at

from Trey Ratcliff at

from Trey Ratcliff at

from Trey Ratcliff at

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TTIM 15 – Walking Around Venice with Trey Ratcliff
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