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Today we’re going to talk mostly about street photography. Whereas street photography is not necessarily practiced while traveling (many street photographers have actually become famous for portraying the scenes of their hometown), we think that photographing life in the streets goes a long way towards documenting the reality of the cities and countries we visit.

Because of this, we often like to interview people who have chosen to practice this somewhat popular but often misunderstood genre, like our guest of today, Marco Larousse.

Marco is an international analog and digital fine art, street and documentary photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He has a background in photography of 30+ years. In the 1990’s he developed his passion for classic street and documentary photograph. He shares this passion in his workshops or public speeches on street photography. Marco strives to create a positive awareness for this important art form by documenting contemporary daily life for future generations in a world where cameras in public are increasingly seen as a threat.

Marco is also an accredited journalist and a member at FREELENS. He has also been producing photography related podcasts since 2015. In 2017 he co-founded PPN Photo Podcast Network where he works as editor, host, and producer.

Marco Larousse is very passionate about the power and importance of preserving contemporary visual memories for future generations. The ability to tell a story with only one image is what made photography his preferred outlet to express himself. Capturing unique unposed moments to document our contemporary daily life for future generations is a challenge that keeps him motivated each day. His work has been influenced by the work of Mary Ellen Mark’s style of documenting life with a lot of affection and respect for the subjects that are being photographed.

Duration 54m 09s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Photos by Marco

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 2

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 3

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 4

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 5

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 6

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 7

Marco Larousse Street Portfolio 8

TTIM 120 – Marco Larousse and Preserving Memories
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