Our guest for this episode of the podcast is Belgian travel photographer Sébastien Beun.

This is what Sébastien says about himself:

“Photography, for me, is a lifelong and everlasting passion. It is what makes me feel emotions, breathe, live. Photography challenges me to share my life, my thoughts, my perception of the world that surrounds me, with others, and to share in their lives as well. From the waterfalls of Iceland, to the mountains of the Alps, the Palazzi of Venice, to a small Maasai village in Tanzania, to watching my children grow, photography is the rhythm to which I live my life.

Photography came to a pause by the time I went to university. I studied dentistry and then started a PhD focusing on possible improvements of restorative dental materials. Once the PhD was completed, I started teaching and I am now professor of restorative dentistry. In 2009, I started photography again but only occasionally, while on vacation. I eventually got back to photography more seriously late 2012 and now travel as much as I can with a camera at hand.

As a photographer I specialize in travel, especially landscape and portraiture. I love to take take photographs for a good cause; this is the why most of my travels are linked to NGO’s or non-profit organizations that try to help people locally. For that reason, since the beginning of 2014 I traveled several times with the Giving Lens, an organization created by my friend Colby Brown that has “a vision to see our three passions come together for a better world: travel, photography and giving back”. The perfect match for me! So far I went to Jordan, Tanzania and Thailand with them.

As a university teacher, I am experienced at educating people. I am available to give talks, lead workshops or provide mentorships about anything related to travel and/or landscape photography.”

We chatted with Sébastien about his involvement with humanitarian travel operator The Giving Lens, his recent flight over New York City, and how he manages to make his job, his family life, and his passion for travel photography coexist peacefully.

Duration 38m 02s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


Photos by Sébastien

© Sébastien Beun

Karatu, Tanzania.
Maasailand, Tanzania.
TTIM 118 – Sébastien Beun, Flying Over New York City
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