Luka Esenko

Luka Esenko has travelled to 50+ countries around the globe and has plenty more on his ‘go to’ list. Initially an enjoyable hobby, photography soon became a way of life for Luka and he has since established himself as one of the leading landscape photographers in Slovenia.

Luka started life as a tour guide and worked his way up in tourism. He attributes his finely honed navigational skills, survival instinct and ability to remain calm in the face of any crisis to his time spent guiding student and budget tours in Morocco, Greece and Turkey followed by a challenging stint in events management! Having established his own photography tour company in 2008 he now enjoys leading small groups of photographers across the Adriatic region, sharing his passion for nature, outdoor life and his love of the mountains – where he is at his happiest.

His latest venture is SNAPP Guides, a photography location finding app which offers a collection of quality destination guides to help photographers discover incredible photography spots and get the best from each shoot.

Luka’s work has led him to collaborate with internationally renowned photographers such as Jonathan Chritchley (UK), Sean Bagshaw (US), Jeremy Woodhouse (UK), Deborah Sandidge (US), Marc Muench (US) and Tom Bol (US) to name just a few. His work has featured in National Geographic, in various photography magazines, travel guides and online media and is regularly sought after by the Slovenian Tourist Board.

Luka lives in Ljubljana with his partner, Neja, and their young son Brin, both of whom have embraced the spirit of a photographer’s life on the go and often accompany Luka on his travels.

Duration 45m 02s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Photos by Luka

TTIM 107 – Luka Esenko and SNAPP Guides
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