TTIM 103 – Bob Edelstein

During his latest tour of India, Ralph Velasco took some time to sit down with his friend Bob Edelstein and ask him about his photography and his travels. Here is what Bob says about himself:

“I began taking pictures when my older brother came out of the Army. He had purchased a Pentax Spotmatic in the mid 1960’s. I immediately purchased my own camera and was in love with photography from the beginning. I took many courses while in college and started travelling to the Southwest United States where I fell in love with the landscape. Over the years I found portraiture to be very interesting and I really enjoyed the interaction of photographer and subject, which I still enjoy immensely. Currently, I have a real interest in street photography and conveying a lot of elements in my photographs.  I really enjoy trying to show the viewer they need to take 30 seconds to look at the image to see all the elements I thought were of interest. I believe now, at age 62, the images I revere most are the ones where I had a personal “moment” with the subject, even if the image is not all that great technically. Those are the moment I seek out now, to be able to connect with someone from a different land, and to have the photographer and subject just share a “moment”.”

Duration 34m 08s.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Photos by Bob

TTIM 103 – Bob Edelstein in India
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