TTIM 180 – Pete DeMarco in Singapore

Pete DeMarco

After a looong pause, The Traveling Image Makers podcast is back on the air and an old friend is back too!

Pete DeMarco, who has previously on the show in episodes TTIM 96 – Peter DeMarco in Asia and TTIM 146 – Matt Brandon and Pete DeMarco in Malaysia is an American expat currently living in Asia. He recently spent some time living in Singapore and he wanted to share with us the reasons why he loves that city and some of his favorite locations for photography.

Pete is an award-winning travel photographer. His passion for helping people transform their photography shows through in the expert advice he shares. His work has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, CNN, and Conde Nast. He’s also the founder of the The Creative Collective.

Ugo, who has recently been to Singapore too, and Pete compare their experiences in this episode of the podcast that, for the first but possibly not the last time, also has a video version. You can watch that by clicking here.

Music for this episode: “Zanzibar” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


TTIM 179 – Luka Esenko and PhotoHound

Luka Esenko

This week’s guest on the podcast is premiere outdoor photographer, photo workshop leader and PhotoHound app co-creator Luka Esenko. Ralph “sat down” with Luka to get an update on what he’s been up to lately and he asked him in-depth questions about why the switch from Snapp Guides to PhotoHound, an app that is extremely useful for photographers in that it’s full of great information about what and where to photograph in over 4,600 locations on 6 continents around the world (and growing). PhotoHound is free app and is based on a community of photographers sharing not only great spots to shoot, but also other useful information such as the best time of day, and season, to be in the location, and even where to park, how to find the trailhead, suggested gear and more. The community even adheres to the PhotoHound Code of Photography, which everyone should read and abide by.

For the past 12 years, Luka has been running photo workshops in and around the Adriatic region, including his home country of Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Bulgaria and others. He lives in Ljubljana with his wife and two boys.

You may recognize Luka’s name as he’s been a guest on the show before. Catch Ralph’s other interview with him in Episode 107 of the podcast.


TTIM 178 – Tomás Tigchelaar Lourenço and Give Sea Life a Hand

Tomás Tigchelaar Lourenço, our guest for this episode of the podcast, is not a photographer, but he is using the power of photographs to effect some powerful change in the world.

In December of 2017 Tomás started the @GiveSealifeAHand Cleanup movement on Instagram.

This movement started during a beach walk in Portugal, when talking about ocean plastic pollution, he said something like “If fish had hands, this problem would have been long solved.”. Moments after, he looked at his hands and realized he had to give sea life a hand.

After a cleanup, he made a hand out of the trash he collected and tagged it #GiveSeaLifeAHand. Two years later he now has more than 150 hands from 95 different countries around the world and carried out 9 GiveSeaLifeAHand talks at primary schools in Portugal and Curaçao reaching over 300 kids with this message.

His motto is “Cleanups are the easy part, making them unnecessary is the difficult one.” Therefore his goal is to have a picture of a hand from every country in the world and reach the youth with this message through school talks.

We spoke with Tomás about this project, but also about other environmental and socially aware initiatives he’s involved with, including The Human Library organization and @flyplantbased.


TTIM 177 – Kav Dadfar

Kav Dadfar

Our guest for this week’s episode of the podcast is Kav Dadfar.

Kav is a professional writer and travel and landscape photographer, based on the outskirts of London, in leafy Surrey.

Kav has worked on various assignments as well as for commercial clients. His travel images are represented by various high-end stock agencies such as 4Corners Images and Robert Harding and they have been used by the likes of Condé Nast, National Geographic, Wanderlust travel magazine, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, American Express, Daily Mail, Sunday Times Travel, Express, The Guardian and many more.

He’s also a judge on one of the UK’s biggest photography contests, the Wanderlust Travel Magazine Photography of the Year competition. Over the years he has given talks at camera clubs and events such the Destination Show in London as well as being a regular writer for Digital Photography School (one of the most popular photography sites on the internet), LifePixel and ExpertPhotography websites. Over the years he has written almost 400 articles on photography.

Alongside writing and photography, Kav also leads small group photo tours and workshops around the world in a relaxed and fun environment.

As an exclusive to our listeners, Kav is offering his Essential Travel Photography Lightroom Preset Pack, which normally retails for £49, for free. Use the coupon code pod2020 at checkout to get it for free!


TTIM 176 – Paul Zizka in the Icy Wilderness

Our guest for this week’s episode of the podcast is Canadian nature photographer and adventurer Paul Zizka.

From the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to iceberg-laden seas off the coast of Greenland, Paul’s journey to capture the “under-documented” is a testament to his passion for exploration, his creative vision and fierce sense of determination. These qualities, combined with his pursuit of fresh perspectives and a deep love for the landscape, have resulted in an ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge images.

Whether it’s wading waist-deep into a glacier-fed lake or chasing auroras from dusk til dawn, Paul is known for an adventurous spirit that draws him to the extraordinary. Highlighting his collection are his signature self-portraits, epic mountaineering moments, dreamy astrophotography images, as well as a window into some of the most remote corners of the planet.


TTIM 175 – Valérie Jardin in France

Valérie Jardin

We’re really excited to have back on the show one of our favorite guests and best friend, street photographer extraordinaire Valérie Jardin.

Valérie is a French photographer, currently residing in the United States. She is self-taught and worked for several years as a commercial photographer. Today, Valérie is known internationally through her workshops. When she is not teaching others the art of visual storytelling, Valérie is a prolific author, a speaker, and a podcast producer of the bi-weekly show Hit The Streets with Valérie Jardin. She lives and breathes in pixels.

Even though Valérie has been living in the US for many years, she still returns to her native France several times a year. In fact, she had just returned from Normandy when we caught up with her to discuss what makes France such a coveted destination, the differences between various regions, and the best Parisian neighborhoods to visit.


TTIM 174 – Andrew Gibson and Travel Photography When You Can’t Travel

Andrew Gibson

Nowadays travel to most of the world has sadly become impossible. Photographers, and especially travel photographers, are trying to find ways to keep their juices flowing while they can’t go very far or, in some cases, are not even allowed to leave their home.

Andrew Gibson is a photographer who has been forced to cancel all his travel plans in the last two years, not because of a pandemic, but because he and his wife now have a small child.

We spoke with Andrew about the ways he has been coping with this situation and how it has affected his photography and his business. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his toddler has become one of his main subjects.

He is also an educator and a writer. You can find all of his ebooks and other products at


TTIM 172 – Darlene Hildebrandt and the Venice Carnival

Darlene Hildebrandt

One of our favorite guests is back on the show! When Ugo interviewed Darlene Hildebrandt in episode 85, she expressed her intention to come to Venice for the Carnival and join the workshop that Ugo leads there every year.

Darlene is the creator of Digital Photo Mentor. She has been a professional photographer for over 30 years, and photography educator since 2011. Darlene provides valuable articles on her site, has a free ebook, and offers online photography courses, as well as photography travel tours. Her next tours are to Morocco in April and Peru and India in the fall of 2020.

As sometimes happens, things didn’t go exactly as planned and, also thanks to a broken foot, Darlene had to wait more than two years before she could come to Venice.

She finally did just recently and that was a perfect opportunity to interview her again and ask about her impressions of Venice and the Carnival.

We recorded the interview in busy St. Mark’s Square and, even though it was still 7AM, there was a lot going on. It was also quite windy, so the audio quality wasn’t the best, but everything is still perfectly intelligible.

We also recorded a video, that you can find below the fold.