ipd-round-150On September 30, 2016, we are celebrating International Podcast Day.

International Podcast Day is an event dedicated to promoting podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.

If you want to show support for podcasters worldwide, there are many ways you can help, but the best would be to share this post in order to promote your favorite podcast (that would be this one) using the hashtag #PodcastDay.

As part of the celebrations, the International Podcast Day Gratitude Award will be assigned to the podcast that has the more internationally diverse set of reviews. We will be taking part in this friendly competition, but we need your help to propel us to the top of the rankings, by leaving us an honest review. You can do so using either of the following services (or even both, which would be awesome):

Click on either link to access our page on the respective services.

Remember, there are two things that would help us a lot and for which we would be extremely pleased and thankful:

  1. Share this post
  2. Leave us a review.

Thank you very much!

International Podcast Day is on September 30
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