TTIM 166 – Pedro Kin in Patagonia and the Dolomites

Pedro Kin is a Portuguese landscape photographer based in Slovakia but you’ll often find him chasing the light in the most beautiful mountains, forests and fjords of Europe. Favouring the cold landscapes and the raw nature of northern Europe, the weather does not stop him from going after the perfect shot — be it the northern lights in the Lofoten Islands, a snowy beach in Lithuania or a powerful waterfall in Iceland. When not travelling the world with his camera, Pedro is found back home helping others improve their photography and editing skills through personalized one-to-one online courses.

Ugo caught up with Pedro recently to talk about his latest journey to Patagonia, his tips for cold weather shooting, and their upcoming photo adventure to the Italian Dolomites together.

Duration 39m 20s.


TTIM 165 – Erin Babnik on Resilience

Erin Babnik

This episode of the podcast was scheduled to be recorded months ago. On the day we were supposed to be interviewing our guest, Erin Babnik, she emailed us asking to reschedule, since she was being evacuated from her house in Paradise, California.

Erin Babnik is known internationally as a leading photographic artist, educator, writer, and speaker. Her ambitious and expressive style of landscape photography brings together an unusual integration of adventurous exploration, progressive techniques, and formal education in the arts. In her writing and public speaking, Erin explores topics with a unique blend of art historical, philosophical, and instructional ideas, an approach that has made her one of the most notable voices among the current generation of landscape photographers.

During this interview, Erin recalls those dramatic moments when seemingly she had lost almost everything she owned and talks about how she managed to recover and bounce back, at least in part, from that dire situation, thanks also to the support she received from the photography community.

Hers is also a cautionary tale about the importance of having a good backup strategy. Thanks to it, Erin didn’t lose a single picture in the fire that destroyed her home and she was willing to give us a number of suggestions on how to implement a sensible backup policy.

We also found the time to discuss one of her more recent articles on finding compositional patterns in nature. There’s really something for everyone in this very informative interview.

Duration 40m 39s.


TTIM 164 – Ariel Estulin in Nepal and Tibet

Ariel Estulin

Ariel Estulin is an award winning photographer and photo educator. Primarily interested in landscapes, he travels the world seeking out beauty in those wild and remote places on earth that still remain untouched by civilization and where nature commands ultimate attention.

Self-taught as a photographer, he spent time with Freeman Patterson, Canada’s renowned photographer, to learn the art of making great photographs. His training as a graphic designer continually shapes what he sees through the lens in order that elements such as light, shape and colour all work in harmony. His never-ending search for off-beat adventures have led him to explore the Himalayas of Nepal and Ladakh, along with South America’s Patagonia. He feels right at home paddling his canoe or hiking in his backyard, the country of Canada.

As a photo educator, his goal is for students to come away with not just better photographs, but a better understanding of photography, better compositions and most importantly, a skill set they now have and can use on future adventures.

Duration 42m 32s.


TTIM 163 – Jason Teale in Korea

Jason Teale

The guest for this episode of the podcast is Jason Teale, a Canadian photographer who has made South Korea his home for more than ten years now.

Jason’s work focuses on travel landscapes and cityscapes as well as cinemagraphs. He is a brand ambassador for Flixel and managed their photographic team for Visa during the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. His work has been featured by National Geographic and Travel and Leisure Asia.

Ugo asked Jason about what makes Korea such an amazing place to live and to photograph.

They also chatted about Jason’s latest creating endeavor, that is creating cinemagraphs. If you don’t know what cinemagraphs are or are curious to learn more about them, Jason has a lot to share in this interview.

Duration 37m 14s.


TTIM 162 – Martin Bailey in Japan

Martin Bailey

Recently Ugo bought a couple flight tickets to Japan, a country he will be visiting for the first time this year. Wanting to learn more about the place and how to photograph it best, he naturally thought of the photographers he knows that are intimately familiar with it?

Looking at the list of past guests of this podcast, it is obvious that Martin Bailey is the expert, when it comes to Japan, having lived in Tokyo for many years.

Martin is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Tokyo. He’s a pioneering podcaster and blogger, Capture One Ambassador and X-Rite Coloratti member. Fueled by his passion for nature and travel, and a tireless desire to share his knowledge and artistic vision, Martin is a popular international tour & workshop leader, helping photographers from around the world to experience and capture the wonders of this awesome planet we call home.

Ugo and Ralph interviewed Martin about all things Japanese, most notably about the abundant wildlife and spectacular landscapes of Hokkaido, an island where Martin leads photo tours multiple times a year.

In the end, there was also time to talk about a curious incident that happened to Martin in Morocco and that might serve as a cautionary tale for anyone traveling to that otherwise wonderful country with lots of photographic equipment.

Duration 1h 3m 52s.


TTIM 161 – David duChemin and The Traveling Lens

David duChemin

The guest for this episode of the podcast is an old friend of the Traveling Image Makers podcast.  We recorded episode TTIM 66 – David duChemin and The Soul of the Camera with him a while back.

David is a world & humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, digital publisher, and international workshop leader.

Based in Victoria, Canada, when he’s home, David leads a nomadic life chasing compelling images on all 7 continents.

He just reopened for enrollment his travel photography course, The Traveling Lens. You can sign up for it only until January 24.

Ralph and Ugo ask David about his course: How is it structured? What can students hope to learn from it? Why shoot it in Varanasi, India?

They also discuss other, more general topics pertaining to photography and travel, like what it means to be compassionate, how to grab the subject’s attention, being present in the moment, quantity vs. quality, visual inventories, and more.

Duration 1h 2m 57s.


TTIM 160 – Mike Holp, the Digital Nomad

Mike Holp

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Ugo interviews Mike Holp.

Mike is a digital nomad and travel photographer from Austin, Texas. He’s been traveling in South America for over a year, capturing photos of beautiful destinations, and meeting new friends from all over the world! Mike is offering a coaching program to other aspiring digital nomads with the proven techniques for long-term travel on a budget. He recently launched an online course and free eBook on how to generate passive income with Airbnb every month without owning property or renting out your space. It’s now possible to work from anywhere in the world on your laptop.

Mike and Ugo had a conversation about what it means to live as a digital nomad, how to generate passive income through photography, writing, affiliate marketing, and traveling across South America.

Duration 44m 57s.


TTIM 159 – Simon Bond and Creative Photography

Simon Bond

Last week’s interview with Jay Patel, where we discussed the topic of creativity is a great segue into today’s episode, because we are going to have a conversation with an artist that has chosen creative photography as his trademark of sorts.

Simon Bond is a professional freelance travel photographer who focuses on the Asian continent for his work, he has travelled extensively in this region and is dedicated to producing the best quality travel photographs. Simon cut his teeth in the dark room when he was 15, from there he learnt how to use an SLR camera, and has subsequently moved on into the digital world as he now owns a Canon 5D MkII.

Duration 34m 23s.


TTIM 158 – Jay Patel and Creativity

Jay Patel

Today’s episode of the podcast sees the return of one of our best friends, who was with us already in episode 36, Jay Patel.

In the course of the conversation, Jay and Ugo discuss such topics as getting the shots when the weather is not cooperating, researching a destination to make the most of limited time, and finding ways to be creative beyond the iconic shot that many limit themselves to.

Duration 36m 25s.


TTIM 157 – Winners of the October 2018 Photo Contest

October 2018 Photo Contest Winners

As you might know, we are doing a bi-monthly photo contest on our Facebook group, The Traveling Image Makers’ Corner. We invite the group members to submit one of their best photographs and, at the end of the period, we pick two winners and invite them to come on the show and tell us about their winning images and their photography.

The winners for the month of October 2018, Peter de Hoog and Mathew Browne, submitted photos taken in Venice, Italy and Singapore, respectively. We thought those two stood above the rest, but it was a tough choice, since we got so many amazing submissions.

Would you like to be one of the next guests on the podcast? Head over to our Facebook group, ask to join (if you’re not already a member) and look for the post pinned to the top for instructions. Let’s see your best travel images!

Duration 47m 32s.